Our Purpose

"To the Glory of God: Touching Hearts...
Enriching Lives...In a Relaxing Atmosphere"

The purpose of the Delta Lake Bible Conference Center is to provide our guests with what is needed to accomplish the statement above. Whether we plan the program or facilitate yours, Delta exists to touch the hearts of the lost, enrich the lives of His children, and create a comfortable atmosphere where all are welcome. Whether you are swimming on a warm summer day, learning new Biblical truths, relaxing by a campfire, enjoying a meal, or hearing amazing missionary stories, this place brings refreshment to the body and soul.

At Delta Lake Bible Conference Center we offer these activities and more throughout the year. Each program is planned to facilitate spiritual growth in a relaxed atmosphere. You will find that we offer something for everyone.

Delta Lake Bible Conference Center mission is presenting programs which foster Christian spiritual birth and growth in individuals and families, both younger and older. These programs encompass the areas of worship, instruction, service, and fellowship, all favored by the distinctives of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. These distinctives include a commitment to preaching of the Gospel to the ends of the earth and to the building up of the church and to the emphasizing of the fullness of Christ in personal experience. Here at Delta we want everyone to "...attain to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ." Eph 4:13. This we endeavor to accomplish through the medium of retreats, conferences, and camping experiences.