Cottages at Delta

At Delta, there are two types of cottages:
  • Cottages/buildings owned by Delta Lake and used for the ministry to house both guests and speakers.
  • Privately Owned Cottages which are owned by individuals who view themselves as part of the ministry.
The private cottages are available to those who want to be more than just a guest here, but want to participate in our ministry.  We generally do not view them as vacation homes, but places for our volunteer workers to call their home while here at Delta.  The individual owns the building and leases the land, similar to a Condo agreement.  The facilities of the Conference Center are available to them, subject to some restrictions, and they may spend up to 8 months each year in the Cottage.

Buying/Selling A Cottage

As lives change, so do peoples needs and so Cottages at Delta are available for sale. If you are interested in buying a cottage, you may request a list to be emailed to you by calling or emailing us. If you are interested in selling, please contact the office for our policy on all cottage sales. All prospective purchasers must be approved by the Delta Board of Directors.
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